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Event and Wedding Consultation with Rocia Keeling


Sometimes an event is so big, so special, so full of promise, that you need to call in a professional. A professional event planner can look at the situation with a fresh perspective, and help guide you in all the right choices. Plus, it makes deciding on the location, food, and color scheme so much easier!

That’s where I come in. I can walk you through all your concerns, and help you make choices. Then I work my magic and put it all together for you. Your event will be taken care of, and your worries eased so you can enjoy yourself!

A wedding and event consultation in Paducah with me is free, and I’d love to meet with you!

Take the first step to easing your mind and having a carefree day. Add this product to your cart for a complimentary consultation with Rocia Keeling.